T-Essential Oil Plug-In scented oil 2 refills


This item is 2 Refills Only. 

T-Essential Oil Plug in company provides unique scents to fulfill any room in your home with long lasting fragrance up to 45 days.

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Ingredients in this scent are certified 100% plant-based and do not contain any synthetic materials.

Our plugins provide 100% pure essential oil aromatherapy without using a single drop of water.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: This plugin is intended for use with any T-Essential oils, as we cannot guarantee other brand’s oils will not clog or break the plugin. Dense oils such as; peppermint, clove and vetiver, do not work well with this technology.

FITS ALL ELECTRIC OUTLETS: Enjoy your natural plugin from 100 square feet away with our easy-to-use plug-in. The BPA-free electric plugin fits any outlet in your home.

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Clean Cotton, Pink Sugar, Mango Pineapple, Peach Papaya, Lavender, Blueberry Pomegranate, Angels In Heaven

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