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T-Essential Oils is the first black owned essential oil plugin company providing you with uniquely named scents to fulfill your living room, bedrooms, and bathroom in your home. You will definitely love choosing your named scents and enjoying the fragrance. Homemade scent oils are another way to make your home smell amazing. And unlike store-bought sprays and plugins, essential oils are less likely to trouble people with allergies or sensitivity to scents



The pure, fresh scent that these little bottles bring into your personal space is noticeable on the first sniff.  When you warm them in the wall unit – you’ll see more and more why 100% Natural plug-ins are storming the consumer market.  Did you know that T-Essential is the first Black own company on the GLOBAL MARKET to offer 100% Natural scented oil plug-ins and refills?  That’s right. I am the one-and-only producer that has cracked the 100% Natural code!

Important Things to Know About Plug-In Air Fresheners

While it’s good to make sure that your fresheners are high quality, it’s even more important to know the basics about using the air freshener that you want to use. These questions below are the most important to be aware of.

Worried about leaving your air freshener plugged in overnight? It’s a common, though baseless, concern. A plug-in air freshener is designed to use very little electricity and even less heat. This makes them safe to use all the time without the need to turn them on and off. You should be safekeeping them plugged on. They’re meant to “set and forget.”

While they do require more energy than a typical AA battery, the vast majority of plug-in air fresheners do not use a lot of energy. If anything, they tend to be one of the least demanding things in a room. If you are worried about using electricity, getting a sachet or alternative home fragrance potpourri uses zero energy.

The lifespan you should expect from our plug-in air freshener depends on the build that it has. Most alternative air fresheners, such as the waterless diffuser or diffuser pads, will need to have more essential oils added every seven to 30 days. However, if you have a more traditional air freshener (like the ones from Air Wick or Glade), you can expect them to last 80 days. Our Essential Oil plugins last up to 90 days without replacing the refills.


I love the idea of a plug-in unit to diffuse essential oils because it takes less time, less cost, and less room than a diffuser.  I have to wash out my diffuser every time I add water and change the oils.  With T-Essential Refill, I pop it in, plug it into an outlet and I’m set to go!  The best thing about T-Essential Refill is that their plugin refills are made with 100% natural essential oils – much better than the branded refills that typically do not use 100% natural essential oils.  At you can purchase the plugin refills (universal fit with brands like Glade, Air Wick), as well as replacement PET fiber wicks and the Air Wick Scented Oil Warmer unit.  They have everything you need for your plugins using natural essential oils!

Sarah Jones

I absolutely adore these all-natural scents. I have discarded all my candles and all other plug-ins after finding these. My favorite scent is Peppermint,

it is very fresh and clean. Truly smells like peppermint I love it! Whenever I have guests, they immediately ask where they can get theirs. I get many compliments. I’ve also had other scents and I guess because they are all natural, they all smell so wonderful. I’m so happy to have finally found a all-natural plugin. Thank you T-Essentials you’ve gained a customer for life!

Jessica Foxx

Wanting a clean scent to start the new year after heavier, spiced-based holiday fragrance we’d had in our home, thought I’d try Eucalyptus. It smells naturally fresh and clean, not perfume-y or artificial. And I have to agree; all the way down to the very end of this refill, it was perfectly true, pure eucalyptus with a bit of sea spray/spa vibe. Highly recommend!

Briana Luke
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